revenue increase with websiteTimes have changed since the 90’s where we used to use phone books to look up local businesses. In today’s world, many people use the internet to find local businesses and services.

If you have a business but still do not have a website, you are robbing yourself of great opportunities. Over time, websites help you increase revenue and company valuation.

Increase Your Revenue and Additional Benefits

There are a few ways a website increases your revenue to your local business. Not only can you sell products, parts, offer your services and give people an opportunity to pay you directly online but a website also:

  • Gives you an opportunity to hit new target customers through multiple mediums, such as search engines and social media.
  • Helps you find new leads and customers through newsletters and email marketing.
  • Makes it an easier way for your current customers to refer their friends to your business.
  • Allows you to maintain better relationships with your current customers.
  • Shows you visual statistics of what clients like, such as how long they spend on each page, their geographic location and keywords they are using to find your business.
  • Gives you the ability to be in business and visible 24/7.

These are just a few instant benefits a website can provide your business but there are many more long term benefits to having a website, one of them being an increase in your company valuation.

A Website Will Increase Your Company Valuation

Many people who are living in the past still say they use the phone book to look things up. However, business owners must keep up with the times. Remember how Kodak did not jump on the digital camera revolution and went out of business? The same can happen to you if you are reluctant to change.

Keep in mind that a website is an investment, it’s an asset, and its value will increase over time. The $1,000 or $2,000 you pay to have it created at the start can bring you more revenue over a 5 year period. Even if it helps you find 5 new clients that pay you $100/month that’s over $1,200 per client every year. For 5 clients, that would be $6,000 per year! Imagine keeping those clients for 3 years and the revenue alone is worth over $18,000!!!!

Many people look at the short run and see the money they are spending now but remember, in the long run a website will help you connect with your clients, build relationships, and generate new leads. Not to mention when you are ready to sell your business, you can ask for a higher price based on the value of your website.

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