In today’s day and age everyone uses technology every day and more people are shopping online than ever before. This is why it is imperative for companies to have a website as well. Your customers want to know that there is a real person behind your business and not just a store where they spend their money.

When building your website it’s important to keep in mind that you want your customers to small business woman ownerfeel like they have a personal connection towards you and they know your background and why your business is important to you. It’s a great idea to include an “About us” page and make sure they know where you are located and can get in contact with you as well.

Make sure that your website is laid out in a way where customers can find things easily that they are looking for. If a customer can’t find what they want within a minute or so, they will leave and you have lost a potential sale and repeat customer. Put related items in easy to find tabs at the top of the webpage, also make sure you include links to emails or phone numbers if a customer needs help.

Depending on your niche and what you are selling you need to let it be known that you are knowledgeable about what you are selling. If your website sells watches, you need to show them that you know everything about watches and that you only sell the best quality watches.

Keep in mind when building your website that this is the landing page for potential customers and based on how your website looks they could leave and never come back. Don’t skimp when it comes to building a great looking website, the more aesthetically pleasing it is, the more customers will want to stay on your website.

Make sure that your website is smart phone friendly and users can access easily on the go. Many people use their smartphones for online shopping and browsing and if your website is not compatible with smartphones you could end up using tons of business opportunities. Also make sure you have plenty of payment options as well, people like to have different options when paying, and not everyone wants to use their credit card. Think about PayPal and Bitcoin, customers like having these options as well.

Yes, there is really a lot to laying out a website and getting it all to work well.  Simple2Web solves all the techie and hidden issues that make a webpage “found” versus one that is “just lost in the cloud”.  Give us a call or message us to get your business on the web today.