Telephone customer callsIt might seem obvious that everyone in business should have a website, but that isn’t always true.  Like any expenditure in business, it is best to first examine what the expected benefit is from laying out your hard earned dollars.  Let’s look at what a website can do for your business.

Goal #1 – Ring the Phone

Simple as this goal is, it is imperative.  All marketing is about connecting with our customers.  A one page website can provide people with your vital contact information as well as your product or service offerings.

Which phone number to put?  If you have both a local and a toll free 800 number, be sure to include your local phone number on your website.  Google and other search engines look for location information to help determine where the site fits so having your local number listed carries a lot of weight when it comes to being found by search engines.

Goal #2 – Display Your Wares

Customers want to buy from other people, not anonymous websites. Luckily, we live in a wonderful, media-rich world of images and video and a website allows you to ‘show’ customers who you are, what it is you do and how well you do it.  Sharing pictures of past work, your business and even your crew makes you real and gives a great edge over the competitors.

Goal #3 – Have a Map to Your Place of Business

Having a ‘Find Us’ page means that with a click of a button, customers can get directions to your physical location.  Business MapToday’s iPhone and Droid phones, sometimes called smart phones, mean the customer can tap on the address and the built-in GPS will direct them right to your door.  Customers are willing to venture to new places if they have the security of the GPS to guide them there and back.

Goal #4 – Connect Via Email

Creating an email list of past customers is a very valuable asset. It’s been proven that once a customer has bought from you, they are likely to make a repeat purchase in the future. Staying connected with these repeat customers should be an important focal point in your business.

Email is also a more convenient way for your customers to contact you. No more waiting on hold or being transferred to numerous departments. Instead, they can just ask their question directly.  Having a website and utilizing email means you’ll connect to the medium that everyone online is checking all the time.

Goal #5 – Search Engine Results – Free Advertising!

People don’t ‘go to your site’!  Rather, they do a search and find your site.  Advertising and Marketing

You might not realize that your web page is like your own newspaper, billboard and tv station all in one. The wonderful thing about Google, YouTube, Bing and Yahoo is they always tell what they’ve found.  And that content on your site will be found over and over by search engines and that’s like having free advertising.

Simple2Web is focused to get you on the web, to be found by search engines and to provide the best return on your investment.

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Tim Tewalt helps small business, events and non-profits get on the web.
His customers love how he listens to their needs and finds solutions that fit.
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