How to Choose a Domain NameOne of the first things you’ll need to do when you’re establishing yourself online is create a domain name (also known as the URL or your web address). It could be said that choosing a domain name is one of the most important branding steps you’ll take online.

While website visitors might forget what you’ve said on the pages of your website, they’ll certainly remember your domain name, if you give them a reason to.

Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name

So, how do you go about taking this important step? It’s always a good idea to take out a piece of paper and pen, and start brainstorming. Think of names that speak to your business services or your brand. Also, implement these domain name tips when you are creating a domain name to register:

  1. Do your homework and make sure your domain name is available. There’s nothing more frustrating than to realize your prospective domain name has already been registered to another owner. You can easily perform a Google search to learn whether your domain name is available. It’s easy; Just type your desired domain name into your computer browser. If nothing comes up, it’s probably available for you to register!
  2. Don’t use dashes or weird characters in your domain name. How often do you remember to insert hypens, dashes or other characters into a domain name? Exactly! If you won’t remember to type these, neither will your website visitors or customers. Make it easy for them to remember your domain name if you want people to come to your website.
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  4. Purchase a dot com domain extension whenever possible. Think about this domain name, You’ll see other extensions, such as .net or .biz but let’s be honest, a dot com domain extension is the most trusted and the most popular in the world. Yes, a dot net or a dot org extension costs less to purchase, and it’s because these are less popular options. Everyone remembers the dot com extension!
  5. Keep things simple. Some of your ideas for domain names might seem to be very cute and original. However, none of this does you any good if no one can remember your domain name, or how to spell it! Try to come up with a name that speaks to your brand, while being memorable.

Finally, try to use a keyword phrase as part of your domain name. Your web designer who specializes in SEO research can help you to come up with a keyword phrase that isn’t too common or too obscure. If using a keyword phrase as a domain name won’t work for your business, you could always simply use the name of your business.

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