We live in an amazing time of internet, world-wide communication, fast travel and ever improving products that enrich our daily lives.  Yet, turn the calendar back a few pages and Wisconsin was forging steel, making fabric, laying the foundation for the industry we enjoy in the 21st century.  Like now, they knew that pride in their work – hard work would make for a better life for their children and their great grand children.

To capture this ethic, the hard work and some of the mistakes made and learned from you can see it first hand at the amazing Grohmann Museum of Industrial Art. Grohmann museum Bronze artwork This museum is new and created as a tribute to one of the schools that have always helped Wisconsin advance; Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Next time you’re thinking you’ve seen it all or traveling to Milwaukee you must plan to see this amazing museum and tribute to the tradition of excellence your business provides – even if you’re not from Wisconsin.