The Importance Of Getting Your Business Site Ranked Highly

How to Achieve High Search Engine ResultsIf you are new to the wonderful world of e-commerce and internet marketing, then you might be puzzled about all of the talk you might have heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and site ranking.

What is it about SEO and site ranking that seems to have everyone anxious and excited? The fact is, unless you understand website ranking and SEO, you’ll find that your e-commerce site could prove to be a waste of time and energy.

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Redesigned Website Generates Leads for Dog Breeders

Puppies - websites for dog breeder“Finally, I feel in control of my website.” Becky Olson and her husband, Dan, breed dogs. They, like all top breeders, are really passionate about their dogs.

Typical Website Problem

For years they had a website for their dog breeding business but they couldn’t update the site because their web designer was holding their site hostage.

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How a Simple Local Website can Increase Your Revenue and Company Value

revenue increase with websiteTimes have changed since the 90’s where we used to use phone books to look up local businesses. In today’s world, many people use the internet to find local businesses and services.

If you have a business but still do not have a website, you are robbing yourself of great opportunities. Over time, websites help you increase revenue and company valuation.

Increase Your Revenue and Additional Benefits

There are a few ways a website increases your revenue to your local business. Not only can you sell products, parts, offer your services and give people an opportunity to pay you directly online but a website also:

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How to Increase Your Website Traffic and Exposure

Advertising and Marketing

  • Ever wonder what it takes to be found by customers?
  • How easy is it to find your website?
  • What gives you an edge over your competitors on the web?

Before the internet came along, if a company wanted to get the word out about themselves, billboard advertisingthey would put an ad in the newspaper or buy a spot in the yellow pages or even put up a big sign by the road. Those methods worked fine because when people wanted to find a barber or seamstress, they looked in the yellow pages or remembered the big sign. That was then…

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Why Have a Website?

Telephone customer callsIt might seem obvious that everyone in business should have a website, but that isn’t always true.  Like any expenditure in business, it is best to first examine what the expected benefit is from laying out your hard earned dollars.  Let’s look at what a website can do for your business.

Goal #1 – Ring the Phone

Simple as this goal is, it is imperative.  All marketing is about connecting with our customers.  A one page website can provide people with your vital contact information as well as your product or service offerings.

Which phone number to put?  If you have both a local and a toll free 800 number, be sure to include your local phone number on your website.  Google and other search engines look for location information to help determine where the site fits so having your local number listed carries a lot of weight when it comes to being found by search engines.

Goal #2 – Display Your Wares

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